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Official Announcement in response to nationwide “Circuit Breaker” measures

[COVID-19] Enhanced support for essential services

Dear Customers,
In view of the recent COVID-19 circuit breaker announcement by the government, we would like to inform you of the following:

1. Enhanced 24/7 hotline support for all essential services (Starts 7 April)
Majority of our customers are businesses, and we know that there are many businesses that require additional support to adjust and comply to ever-changing new measures. As such, we will be providing 24/7 hotline support to all essential services. If you need to place an order or make an inquiry during these period, you may call in to +65 9045 6664 for any assistance.

2. Design team work from home (Starts 7 April)

Our design team are work from home, all artworks design services and master disc conversion services are work as usual. If you need any artwork design services or make an inquiry during these period, you may email to, Whatsapp or call in to +65 9045 6664 for any artworks design and master disc conversion issue. Official MOH Infographic posters can be found at:

3. Postponed printing for all non-essential purposes (Starts 7 April)
During this circuit breaker period, we will be printing for essential businesses. As long as your business falls within the list of essential services or have an Exemption from Suspension of Business Activities, we will process your printing. If you are unsure whether you belong to an essential service, you may check the list here:

a. Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and Biomedical Science companies and their supplier. b. Manufacturing of printing, packaging and pallets to support Food Services, Food Manufacturing and any other Essential Products and Services.

4. Delivery and self-collection
We strongly encourage all customers to opt for delivery options, in an effort to comply with safe distancing guidelines. For customers that still choose to opt for self-collection, please MUST make appointment with us. Please directly contact Tina Wong +65 90456664 for any inquiry. Customers who refuse to comply to these guidelines may be turned away.

5. Placing orders
You can still place your orders by emailing to, Whatsapp or call in to +65 9045 6664. For more information, Please visit our website at
In consideration of the viral situation, we will also be keeping the prints for customers who wish to collect after 4 May. We hope this gives you a peace of mind that your prints are still safe with us, and would like to encourage you to stay at home wherever possible.

6. Payment
PayLah / PayNow is acceptable now. Payment option: PayLah, PayNow, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque and Cash.

7. Possible delay in production
We have allowed all our employees to work from home as far as reasonably practicable. Due to the reduction in manpower, some delays may be expected.

How to Contact with Beezy media
Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance. Whatsapp and 24/7 hotline support: +65 9045 6664 (Tina Wong) Email: Website:

We thank you for your support and we will provide additional updates if there are any changes to the current situation. We will continue to do our utmost best to provide you with our services. We hope to have your continued support through this difficult time together. For more frequent updates, please like and follow our social media to get latest details. Stay safe, stay home.

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