Terms and Conditions

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The following terms and conditions apply to all orders (also hereby referred to as 'products' and 'services') provided by Beezy Media.

If any partial or full order completed or/and delivered to the customer (also hereby referred to as 'client') by Beezy Media (also hereby referred to as 'seller') is found to be defective in quality, Beezy Media will repair or replace the defective orders or refund a portion or all of the invoice total for that order subjected to Beezy Media assessment of the damage, if and only if the defects are reported within 30 minutes upon acknowledgement of delivery.

A 100% deposit is required before any production can begin, unless otherwise specified. All prices stated on our website are in SGD (Singapore Dollar) unless otherwise specified.

Artwork or/and Content

Immediately before production, Beezy Media will carry out random checks on all materials (also hereby referred to as 'artwork' and 'content'; artwork including but not limited to any image and text printing; content as of all data for duplication) submitted. Checks will be conducted on artwork to ensure that accurate copies are being sent for production should there an exchange of multiple copies between Beezy Media and its clients during pre-production process. As Beezy Media respects its customers' privacy and sensitivity of contents, only preventive random checks on completeness will be carried out on the contents. In this regard, Beezy Media will bear no responsibility for the contents. As such, customers are strongly advised to ensure that all materials are correct and in desired condition before submission to Beezy Media for production.

There will be strictly no changes to submitted materials once production has begun for an order. If a customer error is discovered after submission for production, please contact Beezy Media immediately. Rectification of the error may be done solely at Beezy Media discretion subjected to the status of production. A penalty in monetary terms may be imposed by Beezy Media and payable by customer if Beezy Media deems fit to rectify this customer error. If customer is unable or/and unwilling to pay the possible penalty, production will continue according to prior arrangements.

Trademarks and Copy Rights
All contents and images on Beezy Media website including its logo are properties of Beezy Media and its business associates and are protected under the Copyright Law. They are not to be distributed to or use by third parties without the permission of Beezy Media and its business associates.

Beezy Media does not condone the duplication of copyrighted material by unauthorized parties. By placing an order with Beezy Media, the customer represents that they are the rightful owner, own legal licenses to reproduce, or hold legal rights to the use of materials presented in their order. The customer shall not place themselves or Beezy Media into violation of trademarks or copyrights. In an event that it is legally proven that the customer is not the rightful owner of the submitted materials, the customer will bear full responsibility of any damage to the rightful owner.  Beezy Media reserves the rights to investigate the source of and rights to all customer-submitted materials prior to, during and after production.

Treatment of Materials
Any material submitted to Beezy Media for production will be safeguarded and not distributed or shared with any third parties. By default, all original hard-copy submitted materials will be returned to the customer upon completed production unless specified otherwise by the customer. Beezy Media may also use submitted artwork for illustration purposes unless specified not to do so by the customer. However, Beezy Media does not claim ownership to the rights of the materials. All trademarks and copyrights remain with the original author.

If Beezy Media at its own discretion determines that the customer does not possess sufficient rights to reproduce the materials, the materials will be destroyed and the associated orders will be cancelled in accordance with our Terms of Cancellation. These materials may be handed over to the police or relevant authorities if Beezy Media is required to do so.

Turn Around Times
The turn around times provided by Beezy Media are estimates based on our average workload. These times are not definite as every order is unique and there is a possibility of unforeseen delays despite detailed planning. Customers are advised to take note of this. Beezy Media shall not be held liable for any delays in production or delivery or/and any resulting damage or loss. However, customers can be assured that the longest turn around time required for normal production is 5 working days. For urgent projects that will require production to be completed by next working day from the time all artwork/documents and payment have been received, priority will be given to these projects over current workload but subjected to a 20% charge on normal billing total.

No Refunds
All products sold and services rendered by Beezy Media are non-refundable. If there is a seller error (Excluding any associations with the turn around times), the error will be corrected. As a sign of our goodwill, Beezy Media may at its sole discretion offer a credit for use with future purchases. We seek your understanding that no refunds will be entertained for any customer error.

Terms of Cancellations
Once an order has been placed there will be strictly no cancellations. We cannot and will not offer a refund on a cancelled order.

Limited Liability
Beezy Media will not screen customer-submitted materials (including but not limited to master discs) for quality. It is customers' responsibility to ensure that master discs are of the highest quality.

If duplication of digital audio files is required, customers are strongly advised to submit a duplicated copy and not the original disc. In the event that this is impossible, Beezy Media can still carry out duplication using the original disc but shall not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused during the file transfer or burning process on that original disc.

All information (including but not restricted to prices and Terms and Conditions) provided on our website is correct at of time of publish and is subjected to changes as Beezy Media deems fit.

Please read all information on our website carefully before submitting your order. Should you have any queries, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for help. If your queries are still not answered, you can reach our Customer Service Officers at contact us. Beezy Media shall not be held liable for any misinterpretations of information on customer's part.

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